Foreign Tourists Like it Hot?

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Japan’s Emperor Akihito Told the Nation of His Wishes and Concerns

At 15:00 sharp on Monday, August 8, the whole nation turned on TV ...

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Japan Sweeps 2 Medals in Men's 400m Medley

The second day of the Rio Olympics dawned with Japan grabbing ...

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Android that "Expresses" like Human

You recall a few installments away two episodes on a computer ...

Sports and Japan / August 21, 2016

Japan Outran US in Men's 400-m Relay

We can't say whether it was a sign of downfall on the part of US field athletics or Japan's upsurge in speed running.

Japanese Life & Culture / August 20, 2016

Foreign Tourists Like it Hot?

The heated Olympic competitions in Rio aside, more tourists visited Japan in the month of July this year than in the same month a year ago, the Japan National Tourist Organization bared July 17.

Sports and Japan / August 20, 2016

Japan's Judo Revives; Head Coach Choked with Tears

The Rio Olympics in midway, Japan has done marvelously well so far in most events - particularly in Judo with medals won in every category aggregating 12.

Japanese Entertainment / August 20, 2016

SMAP to Break up at Year End

Japan's pop group SMAP is due to disband on December 31 after over a quarter of a century, its agent Johnny & Associates bared August 14.

Sports and Japan / August 20, 2016

Kouhei Uchimura - A Great Legend Lauded

I trust you'll let me spare another episode on Kouhei Uchimura, the super gymnast who has just made himself the fourth gymnast to reign both men's individual and group artistic gymnastics.

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Any Bus, Anywhere in Japan for Foreign Tourists

Any Bus, Anywhere in Japan for Foreign Tourists

Android that "Expresses" like Human

Android that "Expresses" like Human

First Woman Governor to Lead Tokyo

First Woman Governor to Lead Tokyo

Mass Killing at House for the Disabled Shocks Japanese Society

Mass Killing at House for the Disabled Shocks Japanese Society

Japanese Life & Culture / 09:39 AM

Happiness and Love to Sign Sister Station Tie ar

People are funny - funny in such an amiable manner. A local railway station in Hokkaido happens to be called "happiness" and a station in Taiwan's Hexing Station in Hsinchu County is nicknamed "Love".

News / 01:33 AM

Tokyo's Gubernatorial Election in Full Swing: Koike Inch Ahead

The Upper House election just over with LDP/Komeito beating the opposition in a landslide, Tokyo has plunged into its gubernatorial election with three major contestants vying for victory.

Sports and Japan / 04:24 AM

Homare Sawa Expecting in January Next Year

Japan's women's soccer team Nadeshiko Japan's long-time heroine Homare Sawa is expecting her baby in January next year.

Japanese Life & Culture / 04:03 AM

Japanese Government to Draft Outline for Abdication

Japan's government is to prepare for revising the law governing the Imperial Household Law soonest at the next year's regular session of the Diet to deliberate on Emperor Akihito's wish to abdicate, bared government sources July 14.