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Sony's Goldman Walkman : Will It Sell for Sure?

By November 9, 2016 at 3:09 am
Walkman-NW-WM1Z(Photo : SONY)

What say you to a Walkman for 300 thousand yen? It's not a talk but a real product - Sony's  gold coated Walkman NW-WM1Z now ready for marketing October 29 at 300 thousand yen.

A copper-coated model NW-WM1A is marketed simultaneously with it for 120 thousand yen or thereabouts. Whichever way, Sony is marketing its high-end portable music player in two versions -  one going for the first time into the price range of beyond 200 thousand  yen. Some users complain it's too  expensive but others say not necessarily so.

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According to Sony, the market of portable  music players over 50,000  yen is growing 120% over the previous year and they have two models within this price range - NW-ZX2 for 120,000 yen and NW-ZX100 at 80,000 yen.

In fact, this market is booming with still more expensive models like South Korea's iRiver "Astell&Kern" brand. Their AK-380-256GB-CP (CP for copper) introduced in February 2016 is priced at 549,980 yen.

In this market, products in the price bracket of 100,000 are entry models and those of 200,000 mid-level models. It's no surprise then that Sony is marketing its NW-WM1Z for 300,000 this time around.

Now, how come is NW-WM1Z priced at 300,000 yen? For one thing, this model is mounted with Sony's next-generation fully-digitalized amplifier and features such favorites of modern audio fans as the native reproduction of DSD-format sound sources and balanced output.

NW-WM1Z also features a powerful battery, 1.4 times the conventional models; an exclusive battery pack is provided anew. This model provides in addition to the conventional 3.5 mm earphone jack a headphone output terminal adaptable to high-quality balance output completely separating both channels.

Sony is apparently sure a sizeable number of customers are out there in the market for ultra-expensive high-end music players. NW-WM1Z  is, therefore, almost a cinch. (Nathan Shiga)

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