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World Tsunami Summit Adopted Declaration

By December 2, 2016 at 1:16 am
World Tsunami Summit Adopted Declaration
World Tsunami Summit Adopted Declaration(Photo : http://www.town.kuroshio.lg.jp/pb/cont/summit-japanese/5161)

Some 360 high school students from 30 countries met in Kochi City for a World Tsunami Summit on November 25-26 to discuss tsunami and its repercussions. On the last day, November 26, the meeting adopted  "Kuroshio Declaration" to appeal to the world the importance of raising awareness toward tsunami.

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World Tsunami Summit was a response to the UN's naming November 5 the World's Tsunami Day - a movement to rear youths to shoulder regional activities in countering earthquake hazards. High school students from the disaster areas of Northeastern Japan were joined by those Chile, Indonesia and other earthquake-stricken countries of the world.

On the last day of the meet, the students were grouped into 12 to discuss ways and means of guarding against and raising awareness for earthquakes.

Miss Rinka Imamura of Ookata High School who presided over the meet told the press she was eager to learn from the experiences of those who have actually met tsunami.

Kuroshi Machi, Kochi, the site of the summit meet, is located right at the point where a forthcoming giant quake of the Nankai Trough is anticipated to strike with a 34-meter tsunami - the highest ever recorded in Japan.

Prior to the meeting, a Chilean female student told the press in anticipation:

"We had a major earthquake six years ago and our country is still desperate in post-quake recoveries. I'm so anxious to learn from other quake-stricken countries how best to counter earthquakes and aftermaths. "

Japan sits on a huge nest of earthquakes - something we have to live with. It shines, rains and shakes constantly in Japan. In the recent years, the nest is obviously reshaping itself. Our land shakes more often than ever before as the catfish tossing oftener. Fukushima, Kumamoto and then, believe you me, Tottori - an area least expected to shake.

Where next? (Nathan Shiga) 

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