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Diamond Fuji Far Away from Tokyo

By December 21, 2016 at 3:56 am
Image of Diamond Fuji
Image of Diamond Fuji

I wonder if you've heard of Diamond Fuji - a diamond atop the Mt Fuji, a natural phenomenon observed about this time of the year. At sunset December 17, camera-equipped folks flocked at an "observatory" in Kurume City, Tokyo, to witness a gorgeous sunset with the Mt. Fuji capped with the setting sun. 

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Near Kurume Station, Seibu Line, the city authorities have an observatory set up, named "Fujimi Terrace", more a sightseeing spot than a full observatory, for photographers, school kids back from school, etc. to gather to enjoy the rather unique sunset.

At about 4:20 p.m. today, as the sun capped the summit, the Mt. Fuji glowed in silhouette to signal the whole barrage of cameras to shoot. 

A teenage school girl who had "just wondered why the queuing up" was glad to have seen a marvel of nature:

"I was curious why so many people flocked together. It was such a beautiful scene - I was so moved. I'm going to use the snap for my New Year's greeting card."

The Kurume City authorities say, weather permitting, Diamond Fuji can be readily observed at Fujimi Terrace.

By the way, data show the Lake Yamanaka offers ideal spots to enjoy Diamond Fuji for a longer period from mid October to late February. For those of you visiting Japan at this time, I'll list up nine of such spots just for record's sake:

1 Panorama Platform:  16:22, October 15/ 16:50 February 27
2 Asahidake Lakeside: 16:08 October 18/ 16:35 February 22
3 Hirano Lakeside 1: 16:03 October 27// 16*33 February 16
4 Hirano Lakeside 2: 16:00 October 31/ 16:30 February 12
5 Nqgaike Lakeside 1: 15:48 NOvember 3/ 16:19 February 8
6 Nqgaike Lakeside 2:15:38 November 10/ 16:13 February 5
7 Oikehama: 15:33 November 13/16:03 January 30
8 Yanajiri: 15:30 November 15/ 15:55 January 26
9 Hananomiyako Park: 15:25 late November thru mid January
(Nathan Shiga) 

Source: NHK

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