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Avian Influenza Found Twice in Number the Past Highest

By December 30, 2016 at 4:32 am
Avian Influenza Found Twice in Number the Past Highest
Avian Influenza Found Twice in Number the Past Highest

The Ministry of the Environment bared December 27 that this season's avian influenza due to wild birds is detected nearly twice in the number of cases the highest recorded 6 years ago.

The number of cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza detected out of the droppings of wild birds ran up by December 27 to 118 in 15 prefectures - nearly 6 times as many as in the season 2010-11.

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A total of 7 cases from the chicken ranches in 5 prefectures indicated the way wild animals must have transported the droppings of avian influenza-affected wild birds. 

The Ministry of the Environment summoned December 27 afternoon an ad hoc conference for the experts to discuss measures to counter future outbreaks into the new year.

The conference agreed on ways to give priority to areas where precautions are yet to be taken due to the absence of surveillance setup.

The ministry calls for public attention to report to the authorities the moment the wild birds' droppings are found and warns against stepping on them to help prevent further spread of infectious diseases.

Meanwhile, the South Korea is widely affected this season by the highly pathogenic avian influenza. Reports have it that by December 16-20 a total of 20 million quails and chickens were exterminated, or roughly 10 percent of the total 165.26 million. A Korean expert predicts, the way the situation progresses, the total might run up to 50 million.

Avian influenza is migratory with two practical solutions left us to cope with it: either to strictly prevent its spread by removing the exterminated birds or to inject vaccine to control it. Japan adopts the former; China the latter. 

The fact is Japan quickly removed 572,683 this year to keep chicken meat clean; China resigns to be labeled "Avian Influ Land" limiting vaccine-infected chicken meat for home consumption only.

Well? Which way will Korea go? (Nathan Shiga) 

Source: NHK

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