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Yokozuna Kisenosato Pledges to Wrestle Worthy of Title

By January 29, 2017 at 9:23 pm

This is a follow-up my previous episode on Kisenosato, Ozeki then and Yokozuna today, as the Japan Sumo Association officially notified Kisenosato its final decision to have him promoted to the highest rank of Yokozuna or Grand Champion, January 25.

Kisenosato is now the first Japanese Yokozuna in ten years with ten years worth of expectations from across the country wishing him to "pull through" the rough battle with three other Yokozunas of the Mongolian descent.

This episode portrays the first Yokozuna of Japanese ancestry in his childhood days - how he found his way into the world of sumo through his contact with his would-be stable master, the late Yokozuna Takanosato

Kisenosato, formerly Hagiwara Yutaka, met his master Takanosato at the latter's Naruto Stable in Tokyo, when Takanosato found the junior high school boy "extraordinary".

Takanosato said of Kisenosato's physique, thus:

"I felt his muscles flexible and supple. They would stretch nice and soft - not just meat and bones. Like rubber, for instance.

"I told his father and mother he would grow bigger. I made sure that he be sent to my stable the following day he leaves school."

Takanosato recalled how it was finally decided for him to challenge sumo:

"You see, his father and mother weren't sure whether the boy should go ahead with the idea of challenging sumo. When I visited his school, his teacher was also up against the idea.

"I met the principal to consult on the course Hagiwara should follow. I talked to the principal for, say, two hours or so. He spoke in the end in favor of him challenging sumo 'as the stable master says so'. Hagiwara himself wasn't sure which way to go, either."

Yokozuna Takanosato passed away on November 7, 2011. Kisenosato was promoted to Ozeki or Champion immediately thereafter. Kisenosato knows what to report to his late stable master in the other world.

"I shall devote myself worthy of the title", pledged Kisenosato to the official messenger this afternoon. More power to you, Kisenosato.(Nathan Shiga)

Source: Nikkei

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